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Arteza Colored Pencils Set

Arteza Colored Pencils Set

Arteza color pencils are the best color pencils.my elder sister use to used it a lot. It comes with a forty-eight different color pencils. The quality of the color in it long lasting, it does not fade away with time. it has a great smell. The color pencils come pre sharped. the color in the pencils is 4mm break resistance and last longer than the typical color pencils. 

Each pencil in the pack comes with color name, color number and lightfastness written on it. The color in the pencils is rich and highly pigmented. the shape of the color pencils made it easy to use and to have an easy grip on the pencil color while using. it has all the superior qualities in it with a sensible price. It comes with a very nice packaging bottle with a cover cap. 

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