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Carlson Expandable Extra Wide Pet

Carlson Expandable Extra Wide Pet

A pet owner cares a lot for them and won't want any harm coming to them, especially when without monitoring, they could get hurt. Sometimes you might want your pets out of your living room to protect your furniture from your pet or to make guests feel safe because not everyone loves can't and dogs. These things can be made possible by getting a pet gate that will keep them in their zone. I had a dog that was so destructive when alone in the house and loves to tear down my living room forcing me to buy Carlson Expandable Extra Wide Pet Gate, which was recommended by a friend.

Carlson Expandable Extra Wide Pet Gate is a sturdy barred steel material, an adjustable and expandable pet gate with a small pet door for small cats or dogs. It is a pet gate that sturdy, strong, easy to walk through, easy to install, and convenient. In a package, we have four pressure mounts, four wall cups, screws, spindle rods, and 4-inch wide extension kits. You don't need to worry about breaking walls to erect the pet gate, it attaches well to the wall using the four wall cups. Carlson pet gate is 30" tall tall enough to keep in big dogs from getting into your living room. It has two doors, a large door for people and big pet and a 8×8 door for a small pet. As easy as it is to get it to install the same way, it could be taken down easily. It is chew-proof, making it a perfect gate for my dog.

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