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Goodsfederation Electronic ATM Saving Bank

Goodsfederation Electronic ATM Saving Bank

Parents should instigate the habit of saving in their children from a young age to build up a better future for their kids. The traditional piggy bank is the ceramic and wooden ones but has the world evolve, the invention of electronic piggy banks makes saving easier and fun especially for kids. Goodsfederation Electronic ATM Saving Bank helps kids find saving fun with the exciting features that come with the machine and in the same way financially educating your son or daughter. It comes with a personal ATM debit card that has to be inserted into the machine before a pin could be entered like a regular ATM.

Goodsfederation Electronic ATM Saving Bank default pin that is required is 0000, which can be changed by pressing the "Code" key. This electronic piggy bank is powered by 3×AA batteries, which enable movement unlike when it is plugged into a power source. It has both a coin and note slot for deposit and withdrawal can be done from just one slot. Unlike the coin slot that recognizes the amount of coin deposited, the note slot doesn't, it has to be imputed for the machine to know how much is deposited. After making deposits, it updates the balance which can be also checked anytime with the balance button. A goal target can be set by kids, enabling a much better saving skills than just withdrawing at any time. Parents should monitor and track the progress of their kid's savings to make sure they do it the right way.

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