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It Takes Two - PlayStation 4 at Amazon Amazon

$19.99 $39.99
Create on 11-21-2021 by Robin
  • Invite a friend to join for free with friend\'s Pass, and experience a thrilling adventure built purely for two. Choose from couch or online co-op with split-screen play, and face ever-changing challenges where working together is the only way forward.
  • Gleefully disruptive gameplay - from rampaging Vacuum cleaners to suave love gurus - With it takes two, you never know what you\'re up against next.
  • Discover a touching and heartfelt story of the challenges in getting along. Help Cody and may learn how to overcome their differences.
  • Buy It Takes Two once and get both the PS4 and the enhanced PS5 version.


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It Takes Two - PlayStation 4 at Amazon
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