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Mighty Bliss Electronic Heating Pad

Mighty Bliss Electronic Heating Pad

Heating pads help to relieve muscle aches or unbearable cramps by warming up parts of the body and enhancing the passage of fluid in the body. They are commonly used by athletes to relieve muscle pain after a strenuous run or work. They can also be used by ladies or women to relieve themselves from menstrual cramps, which was the major reason I had to buy a heating pad and I bought myself Mighty Bliss Electronic Heating Pad.

Mighty Bliss Electronic Heating Pad's main purpose is to get rid of cramps and muscle pain like every other heat pad but large enough to regulate the heat at the affected area of the body. This heating pad have a remote attached to the power source cable to change the heating settings to your preferred hotness from high to medium to low heat temperature. It automatically shut down after 2 hours of constantly used to prevent damage to the heating pad and the body. It also helps those battling with back pain to slowly relieve back pain through heat therapy for some days or weeks. It is large, soft, and comfortable and can be used dry or moist. For menstrual cramps, I prefer using it moist, placing it on my lower abdomen to relieve my cramps.

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