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Tune Belt Review

Tune Belt Review

Two years ago, I used the Tune Belt for my iPhone 5s and I think it's incredible. When I upgraded my 5s to 7 Plus, I purchased the Tune Belt for the phone. I can gladly say that they are incredible armbands. The phone handle fit well, as they are durable and comfortable. TuneBelt provides instructions for utilizing Assistive Touch, and they perform excellently. I usually use Tunebelt for my monthly run routine. I can easily tell Siri to turn on assistive touch. I can also instruct Siri to put the phone into the armband, and then I am ready to go for my run. Another thing about it is that the touch screen is very clear. However, the fingerprint sensor of my phone does not function with it so it can be kind of upsetting trying to unlock my phone when I'm wearing the tune belt. What I usually do is remove the lock passcode while I do my workout. Tune belt is very good and recommendable to everyone.
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