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Work Sharp E2 kitchen knife sharpener

Work Sharp E2 kitchen knife sharpener

After several uses of knives, they become blunts, which can be very frustrating because blunt knives require energy to cut a piece of paper not to talk of cutting a piece of meat. The only way knives can be used with no stress is if it is sharpened whenever it goes blunt. There have been various traditional ways to sharpen knives, but as technology set in, there have been improvements in the innovation of knife sharpeners. 

Work Sharp E2 kitchen knife sharpener is an automatic and manual knife sharpener with a flexible abrasive disk that sharpens serrated edges knives, scissors, pocket knives, shears, and smooth kitchen knives at an even angle with one button. For the automated feature of the sharpener, it has a timer that gives a signal when a clean, smooth and neat sharpening is over while the manual feature in the middle requires swiping the knife 10 times to have a sharp knife. It is portable and can fit in the drawer alongside your collection of knives.

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