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Trials Policy

Please carefully read the product trial policies before applying for a product trial.
  • 1. User shall be voluntary to participate in the product trial, in which are initiated by the merchants.
  • 2. Users must read and have clear understanding of both their rights and obligations.
  • 3. Merchants and DealsBank do not have any mandatory requirements for users, and there is no exchange of interests.
  • 4. After 30 days of ordering, the DealsBank will refund the user unconditionally as long as the order is valid.
    If you want to get the refund soon, please upload your Review / Social Share URL or Screenshots of Seller Feedback on DealsBank, we will refund in 1 working day after your uploading.
  • 5. The user will not be able to get a refund and the account will be frozen when:
        (1) The user uploads a fake order number.
        (2) The user uploaded a fake Review / Social Share URL or Screenshots of Seller Feedback.
        (3) If review posted is obscene, offensive, threatening or dirty.
        (4) If you provide merchants with untruthful comments by taking bribes and/or other transactions.
        (5) The same person can only register one DealBank account.
        (6) DealsBank account association.
  • 6. Review content must be neutral, true, and trustworthy.
  • 7. For the same sales platform, the same user need to complete the previous task before applying for next trial task. And one same user can apply for trial tasks of different sales platforms at the same time.
  • 8. After successfully submitting effective Review link or Social Share link , the system will refund the money to your DealBank account within 1 working day. After successful application for cash withdrawal, DealsBank will pay you the money (through Paypal or Giftcard, Alipay and other payment methods) within 3 business days. If you have not submitted, please be patient, 30 days after placing the order, you will receive the system refund.
  • 9. Serving as an information platform, DealsBank can not guarantee the authenticity of the products, and users must make their own judgments before placing orders. If you have any after-sale quality problems, please contact the seller through the sales platform. DealsBank is not responsible for after-sale issues.
  • 10. If the item requires a review, and the user cannot upload a review URL or screenshot, then the user can only get 50% of the refund.

You Must Carefully Read First:

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Trials Policy Last Updated on Sep 26,2018