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Please carefully read the product trial policies before applying for a product trial.
  • 1. User shall be voluntary to participate in the products trials which are initiated by the merchants.
  • 2. Users must read and have a clear understanding to their rights and obligations.
  • 3. Merchants and DealsBank do not have any mandatory requirements for users, and there is no exchange of interests. The main purpose of the product trial is to obtain the customer's real experience and improvement suggestions for the product, also help the merchant to improve the quality of the product. Trials that doesn’t require reviews are a gift from the merchant. We support the action of the merchants, and the users also benefit from it as they can save a lot of living expenses.
  • 4. If the item requires a review, the order will be reviewed within 7 days after the user submits the order number. If it is passed, the user will need to submit the review link/screenshot. And the review will be completed within 1 working day. If it is passed, we will pay the commission to your Dealsbank account within 1 working day.
    If you don't do this, you will get 30% of the commission after 30 days.
    If the review is not required, your order will be reviewed within 7 days, if approved, we will pay the commission to your Dealsbank account in time.
    If the order or review has not been approved, the user needs to resubmit. If it is not resubmitted within 7 days, the trial task will fail and you will not get a commission. You can only resolve this situation by contacting the merchant.
    Users who only receive a 30% commission can re-upload the review link/screenshot to get another 70% commission.
  • 5. The user will not be able to get a commission and the account will be frozen when:
       (1) The user uploads a fake order number.
       (2) The user uploaded a fake Review Link / Screenshots.
       (3) If review posted is obscene, offensive, threatening or dirty.
       (4) If you provide merchants with untruthful comments by taking bribes and/or other transactions.
       (5) The same user has multiple DealsBank account.
       (6) DealsBank account association.
  • 6. Review content must be neutral, true and trustworthy. In order to avoid misleading consumers, the description of exaggerating the efficacy of the product is prohibited. It is forbidden for merchants to contact the user to modify any review content. Once such behavior is discovered, we will immediately terminate the cooperation with the merchant. Dealsbank will strictly abide by the sales policies and review policies of all third-party shopping websites to provide consumers with a true and reliable product experience and will always keep the promises.
  • 7. The same user need to complete the previous trial task before applying for next trial task.
  • 8. After the trial task is completed, we will pay the commission to user's Dealsbank account. After a successful application for cash withdrawal, DealsBank will pay you the money through Paypal, and other payment methods within 3 working days.
  • 9. Serving as an information platform, DealsBank can not guarantee the authenticity of the products, and users must make their own judgments before placing orders. If you have any after-sale quality problems, please contact the seller through the third-party shopping website. DealsBank is not responsible for after-sale issues.
  • 10. Before participating in the trial mission, please make sure that your account on a third-party shopping website (such as Amazon, Walmart) can post the review normally. If you can't post a review because of your account, you can only get a 30% commission.
  • 11. If you apply for a trial task and gives up uploading reviews:
       ● For the First time
       You won't able to apply again on the corresponding platform within 15 days.
       ● For the Second time
       The trial privileges of the corresponding platform will be permanently cancelled.
       ● For the Third and more time
       The privilege to apply for trial on all platforms will be cancelled.
  • 12.If you find that the actual selling price of the merchant does not match the price we have listed when applying for a trial, please stop and cancel the application. If you continue to apply, we will refund the commission amount listed.