What is DealsBank?

DealsBank is a platform that helps consumers find the products they need quickly at the best price by cooperating with merchants of major platforms to provide product discount promotions, free trials, and sharing of Product Discovery.
  • Product Trial

    Product Trial

    The merchant and the user are zero distance. The merchant provides the product to be tested to the user, the user helps the merchant to test the product and faithfully feedbacks the trial experience. The user helps the merchant to continuously improve the quality and function of the product, and the merchant provides the user with better quality and performance. The benign interaction between merchants and users promotes the further improvement of life quality.

  • High-quality Deals

    High-quality Deals

    We have a professional review team and all of the Deals must undergo their reviews before they can be shown to the user. The Deals we recommend to users are cost-effective products with quality and after-sales service, which helps users make consumer decisions, save users time and cost of living.

  • Happy to Discover

    Happy to Discover

    We are creating a community of discovery that is willing to share, spread and communicate. The discovery community encourages users to continuously write in-depth articles such as shopping guides, product reviews, and order-posting in it, creating a community atmosphere with frequent interaction, harmonious and multiple scenes. Share the good products and services you find, all for one, one for all.

Advantages of DealsBank

  • 100% Cash Back

    Get 100% cash back by placing order of trials and giving feedback at Amazon and Walmart.

  • Invite Friends

    Invite your friends to complete the trial task and you will get Commission $5 per order.

  • Withdrawal without Exchange Loss

    Provide PALPAY, Payoneer to withdraw deposit, no exchange loss.

  • Huge Amount of Free Trials

    We cooperate with Amazon and Walmart merchants to provide a large amount of real free products.

  • 100% Risk Free

    All transactions are done on Amazon, Walmart without any additional fees.

  • Exclusive Customer Service Support

    One-stop customer service support to solve any problems you encounter on the platform.

  • Comparison
  • Products to Choose
  • Hand-curated products/sellers
  • AI Product Recommend
  • Risk of Seller/agent Losing Contact
  • Scammers risk

    Sellers do not refund

    Agent do not refund

    No Risk
  • Who deals with after-sale issues
    Seller/ Agent
    DealsBank customer service team
  • Speed of solving CS problem
  • Steps

    1. Buyers search keywords on Amazon, find products by matching pictures

    2. Buyers order on Amazon/Walmart

    3. Buyers send order number to agents

    4. Agents send the order number to the seller for confirmation

    5. Buyers send review evidence to agents

    6. Agents send review evidence to the seller for confirmation

    7. Buyers get refund

    1. Buyers apply online

    2. Buyers order on Amazon/Walmart

    3. Buyers uploads order number on DealsBank

    4. Buyer uploads Review evidence on DealsBank

    5. DealsBank refund to buyer directly

  • Reward For New User Registration
  • Reward For Friend Invitation
    $5/€5/£5 Per order


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