Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What is a trial product?

    DealsBank cooperates with merchants on Amazon and Walmart platforms to provide a large number of trial products for consumers, and then the consumers will give feedback on the real use experience to help merchants improve their products.
  • Q2: What is Deal?

    DealsBank cooperates with the merchants of Amazon and Walmart platforms, and the merchants release the discounted products on DealsBank platform for consumers to choose their own products and enjoy the best price at the same time.
  • Q3: What is Discover?

    Discover is a channel for all people to share their feedback on good products, which you can discover and publish on your cell phone, with corresponding rewards after successful publication.
  • Q4: Is DealsBank free to use?

    DealsBank is to use big data analysis to help consumers get the products they want at the best price, and all the services on the platform are free.
  • Q5: Why is the price on DealsBank different from the price on the third-party shopping website?

    DealsBank is collected through big data and then compared, so that sometimes the actual selling price of individual products and DealsBank selling price do not match. If you find inconsistent price, you can report the product information on details page,our system will promptly shut down the product, so as not to mislead the consumer.
  • Q6: What if I forgot my password?

    DealsBank provides various ways to retrieve password, please click [Forgot Password] and follow the instructions to retrieve password.
  • Q7: Why can't I apply for the trial task?

    If you give up uploading reviews once after applying for the trial task, you may not apply for the trial task again within 15 days. If it is the second time to give up uploading reviews, it will be permanently disabled. (PS: Only disable the corresponding platform.)
  • Q8: What is the limitation of product trial?

    You need to complete the current trial task before applying for next task.
  • Q9: Under what circumstances my account will be frozen?

    1. If you have multiple DealsBank accounts with different identities.
    2. When you apply for the trials, if you submit fake order numbers, false comment information,or go to the third-party shopping website to apply for a refund after obtaining the refund from DealsBank.
    3. Re-register a new account after the account is frozen.
    4. If a published article or review violates DealsBank's usage policies.
    5. When the receipt account that should be bound to your login account has been bound to another login account.
  • Q10: Do I need to pay first even it’s a free product?

    Yes, our free mode is cash back 100% after buying.
  • Q11: I only want to test Amazon free products, why it’s a site now?

    You will go to order on Amazon, our site is a system to manage the process.
  • Q12: Do I need to search keywords on Amazon?

    No, you don’t need to, just click the Apply button to order.
  • Q13: Where will you send rebate money to?

    It will go to your DealsBank wallet, where you can check amount and cash out.
  • Q14: How can I cash out?

    Please check Cash Out section.
  • Q15: Do you Cover Paypal fee and Tax?

    There will be no Paypal fee because we use local Paypal account to pay out, but we don’t cover Tax.
  • Q16: Why I see some products are not free after rebate?

    Yes, not every products are free after rebate, for a small percentage of products, you need to pay a little money even after cash back, so please check after rebate content carefully.