How To Apply Trials and Get Cash Back?

How to apply for Amazon trials from DealsBank?
How to apply for Walmart trials from DealsBank?
  • 1. Login to DealsBank first, click [Login] to adjust the login page; if you don't have an account, [Click here] to register DealsBank account for free.

  • 2. Click "Trials" to enter the trial product list page to pick the trial product you like.

  • 3. Click the picture or title of trial products to enter the details page of trial products, click [Apply].

  • 4. The first time to apply for trial products, you need to fill in your Amazon account ID. What is Amazon Account ID?

  • 5. After the successful application for trial products, click [Shop on Amazon], to Amazon to complete the purchase, and copy the order number. The format of the order number: xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx

  • 6. After purchasing the product in Amazon, fill in your order number in Amazon to the following chart.

  • 7. After submitting, wait for DealsBank's customer service to verify. The verification time is usually no more than 48 hours.

  • 8. When you receive the trial products, click [Write review on Amazon] to Amazon to feedback your real reviews, and send the reviews link back to DealsBank.

  • 9. After DealsBank customers verify the feedback content and confirm, you can get 100% cash back.